“Vulnerability without boundaries is not vulnerability”

I love this quote from Brene Brown from her fantastic new book “Dare to lead”.

Vulnerability is often misunderstood. From a young age we are taught that vulnerability is a weakness. We believe that we have to hide away any sign of weakness in order to fit in and to feel that we belong. This can lead to the suppression of emotions that need to be expressed, resulting in a deeper feeling of anxiety, depression or other mental health related issues later on in life.

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Lis Cashin
Start with the end in mind

“We are more in need of a vision or destination and a compass (a set of principles or directions) and less in need of a road map.” – Steven Covey

In his fantastic book ‘7 Habits of Highly Effective People’ Stephen Covey talks about the importance of starting a project/role or even your life with the end in mind as Habit #2

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