My TEDx video 'Mental health awakening: Suffering is Surmountable' is live

Today I got to see my TEDx video for the first time. What a moment it was. I was very emotional knowing what it has taken for me to get to this point in my personal journey.

Standing on such a visible platform and sharing my mental health message was such a powerful thing to do. So many people in the world experience pain and suffering and my wish is that in watching the video more people will feel motivated to get the help they need and deserve, so that they can live happier and more fulfilling lives.

This is what TEDx say about the video:
”Lis Cashin’s mental health journey living with undiagnosed PTSD following accidentally killing a friend during a school sports day javelin event. She challenges the idea that we all need to suffer as a result of going through difficult life events and challenges. She argues that the resulting pain we feel is natural and valid and we need time to process it and heal. But the powerful stories we then make up about the pain and what it means about us/others/the world can create suffering in our minds that is unnecessary and which can be changed.

Lis Cashin’s life was devastated when, at just 13 years old, she accidentally killed a friend in a school sports day event. Because therapy wasn't available at that time, she lived with undiagnosed PTSD and created some very destructive beliefs about herself and went on to blame and punish herself for many years. Until one day she had a personal awakening and began a journey of healing and personal transformation that has seen her completely change the way she views herself, life and everyone else around her. Lis is passionate about sharing the key insights and lessons she has learned along the path to happiness to empower people to discover that their potential is far greater than their current reality. She is a speaker, coach, trainer and soon to be published author. Her self-help memoir entitled ‘THIS IS ME: One hell of a path to happiness’ is being published on June 26th, 2019." (