Lis Cashin
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TEDx speaker

Consultant. Speaker. Trainer. Coach

Consultant: I work with organisations who are committed to investing in their people. These organisations understand the importance of creating the right culture in which their teams can thrive. Mental health and wellbeing is very much at the forefront of organisational agendas at the moment. I ensure that introducing mental health and wellbeing initiatives is not seen as just a tick box exercise or piecemeal, but is considered in a much more holistic context and is aligned with workplace culture.

Speaker: Inspirational speaker on mental health and wellbeing, focusing on the impact bringing our full self to work has on our performance, creativity and ability to innovate.

Lis came into Just Eat on World Mental Health Day to host workshops with a focus on breaking down the barriers around talking about mental health. The sessions were awesome and extremely well received in the business. She's down to earth and a really great speaker - we'd have her back in a heartbeat” - Hannah Millard, Employee Experience, Engagement, Inclusion & Wellbeing Partner at JUST EAT

Training: Connected Communication and the REAL framework were developed to give organisations a cultural bedrock of "I matter: You matter”. Delivered in a variety of ways to ensure this becomes embedded into organisational culture. I also deliver mental health awareness trainings.

Depending on the needs of the organisation I work with a team of experts in the mental health and wellbeing fields to ensure key outcomes are achieved. These include HR professionals, Personality profilers, psychotherapists, executive coaches and more.

Each time I thought “aah, THIS is my learning point from this course” the next wow moment lined up.  I’ve had a busy afternoon back at work and have stopped and reflected a number of times on my REAL framework.  It has given me food for thought when considering a particular challenge that I got from a member of staff today. Thank you!
— Tamsin Chambers, Divisional Operations Manager at Systems Engineering & Assessment Ltd