Lis Cashin
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“Lis came into our business to speak and deliver training and awareness workshops with our employees and it was a pleasure to have her come to work with us. The sessions were warmly received by all who attended. Thank you so much for sharing your story with us, Lis, and for helping us on our journey to raise awareness in the workplace. Everyone in the room left feeling uplifted, informed and inspired.” Sean McCann, Head of People (Group), JUST EAT

Lis was a finalist in the Professional Speaking Association ‘Speaker Factor’ competition in 2017, in which she spoke about having overcome a major traumatic event she experienced as a teenager. You can read more about Lis’s story here

She speaks around self-empowerment, overcoming adversity, resilience, courage, personal integrity, developng high self-esteem and mental health and wellbeing.

Lis is a proud speaker with TLC Lions. TLC Lions are “exceptional Motivational Speakers that engage and empower your employees, energising and invigorating your workforce”

“Thank you so much for speaking.  I think you could see from the response in the room that it's made a real impact to our members“ – R.Bromley

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Mental health and wellbeing is very much at the forefront of organisational agendas at the moment. Lis is very keen to ensure that introducing initiatives is not seen as just a tick box exercise, but is considered in a much more holistic context. For example, there is no point just having staff who are trained in mental health awareness if the way everyone communicates with each other is aggressive or abusive, leading to stress and frustration for the team. The culture will then be counter-productive to mental health and wellbeing and will not result in the change you wish to have.

Passionate about a whole organisational approach to mental health and wellbeing Lis offers consultancy, training and coaching to help organisations to:

  • Take a cultural snapshot of where they are now

  • Have authentic conversations around what this means, and

  • Create a compelling vision and a strategic plan to help them create the culture they would really like to have

She also works with schools and youth organisations to improve outcomes for young people.

Lis has developed Connected Communication to empower adults and young people to increase their self-esteem, communicate from their personal integrity and to create strong and clear personal boundaries, based on the principles of "I matter: You matter”.

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"By taking the step to connect with ourselves, we are able to connect with others from a more authentic place, knowing what we want, where our boundaries lie and what we need in order to be successful" - Lis Cashin