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An award-winning and TEDx speaker, Lis isn't just a speaker, she's a catalyst for change.

She delivers inspirational and motivational keynote talks both on and offline to help women leaders & entrepreneurs to overcome self-doubt, speak their truth and lead with unshakable self-worth.​


Her personal journey has been a testament to resilience and growth. Having experienced complex trauma during her formative years, her path to self-discovery highlights the strength of the human spirit and the transformative power that lies within each and every one of us.

In her talks she shares the actionable strategies that helped to take her from feeling disconnected and hopeless to being a best-selling author, personal transformation specialist and award-winning motivational speaker around the world.

Lis speaks...

Lis delivers inspirational and educational keynote talks both on and offline to help women leaders & entrepreneurs to create unshakable self-worth and move from 'frazzle to dazzle'


A passionate speaker, Lis was voted 'Speaker of the year' in 2021 by a region of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK. She's also a global and TEDx speaker and her TEDx talk entitled 'Mental health awakening: suffering is optional' can be seen below.

Lis has had a challenging path in her own life, having lived through complex trauma as a child. But through her journey to coming to know her own worth, she has learned so much about the strength of the human spirit, what really holds us back and how we can transform and become who we were really meant to be. She is now passionate about sharing all she has learned to help other women to become the vibrant aligned leaders they were meant to be!

If you would like Lis to come to your event and give your audience the inspiration and confidence to begin or thrive along this journey, please get in touch by calling me or submit the enquiry form (all details at the bottom of the page)

Lis speaking at a women's empowerment event

Lis's TEDx talk entitled 'Mental Health Awakening: Suffering is Surmountable'

Lis Cashin’s life was devastated when, at just 13 years old, she accidentally killed a friend in a school sports day event. Because therapy wasn't available at that time, she lived with undiagnosed PTSD and created some very destructive beliefs about herself and went on to blame and punish herself for many years.

Until one day she had a personal awakening and began a journey of healing and personal transformation that has seen her completely change the way she views herself, life and everyone else around her.

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All Videos

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What other people have to say after hearing Lis speak...

Anna Anderson - Founder of the Nourish & Nurture system

Lis takes her audience through the highs and lows of her story and then expertly relates her learning and wisdom back to people at an individual level - giving them step-by-step ideas of how they can implement her teachings into their lives.
She leaves everyone feeling inspired and lifted.
The audience was fully engaged for the whole hour with lots of questions at the end and great feedback.
I highly recommend Lis as a speaker - she is brilliant.

David Taylor - CEO & President of the Management Board

I was really enlightened last night.  I'm a very black and white person, and have to work hard to see the grey, and you personified why it's really important to look for the grey, or the things that are usually unsaid. 


I think most in the room had their own story, but you were a glowing testimony that everyone can make a choice, and when they do, they're a powerful force to be reckoned with.  

Claire Richmond - Social Innovator
Lis is a woman who not only has a clear and vital purpose, she has a calling. Drawing on her own experience Lis talks with emotional warmth, intelligence and candour.
She is like a mother earth powerhouse. Her strength is the wisdom she has accrued over the years that shares so openly and expertly with candour and warmth.
A brilliant speaker with a powerful message of hope.

If you would like me to come and speak at your event, please contact me on

07565 619104 or complete the form below and I will be in touch.

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