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Lis bio

Lis Cashin is the self-worth specialist for the new wave of women leaders and entrepreneurs who lead with authenticity, compassion and purpose - and who are holding themselves back from their full potential.


Her transformational programmes, 121 sessions and retreats have helped 1,000's of participants from all around the world over the past 20 years.


​ A passionate speaker, Lis was voted 'Speaker of the year' in 2021 by a region of the Professional Speaking Association in the UK. She's also a global and TEDx speaker and her talk entitled 'Mental health awakening: suffering is optional' can be seen here.


Her award-winning and best-selling self-help memoir 'This is ME: My journey to mental wellbeing' gives a roadmap to living a life of happiness without suffering.


Lis appears regularly in the UK media and has featured on Steph’s Packed Lunch, BBC Ideas, as well as BBC Outlook and Eye of the Storm podcasts and in Psychologies, New and Woman magazines as well as The Guardian and Independent newspapers, to name a few.

Born in the UK, she is a 'life adventurer' and loves to travel and explore different countries and cultures. She loves to create joyful moments - whether connecting with loved ones, dancing 'til she drops or spending time in nature.

Find her at...

Instagram: @liscashin

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Meet Lis

Certified Transformation Specialist

Hi, I'm Lis Cashin

I’m passionate about creating a massive positive impact in the world by nurturing, supporting and challenging amazing heart-led women leaders like you so that you continue to do the incredible work you do, changing peoples lives.

I've had a challenging path in my own life, having lived through complex trauma as a child. But through my journey I have learned so much about the strength of the human spirit, what really holds us back and how to become who we really are, underneath all the layers of self-limiting beliefs, past conditioning and other peoples opinions and expectations of us so that we can shine our lights brightly in the world.

My superpower is compassion - having learned to love and accept all parts of myself equally.

I'm empathic, intuitive and a Highly Sensitive Person, which means I can often get to the heart of the matter really quickly - and help you to make the shifts you want to make in your life.

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