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ELEVATE is our signature 12-week online group programme with a select group of women who are committed to transforming their self-worth. This programme is based on the RISING pathway to elevated self-worth that I have developed over the past 20 years.


This is for you if you want to achieve the following:

Give up the need for external validation

Embrace your uniqueness

Silence Inner Critic

Build Self-Awareness & Self-Regulation

Align with your integrity and be authentically you - as a leader and in your life

Create strong and healthy boundaries

Speak up with clarity and confidence

Embrace Self-Compassion

End People-Pleasing, Perfectionism and Procrastination

Finally Feel ‘Enough’

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What's included in the RISING model?

Recognise and embrace what makes you unique

Illuminate the beliefs, conditioning and programming that has led to challenges such as imposter syndrome, people-pleasing, perfectionism, procrastination that have been holding you back in your life and career

Show up authentically and communicate in a powerful and empowering way

Invest in yourself by embedding self-care practices and fostering self-compassion

Nurture community and be supported

Gain recognition by valuing yourself and your contributions and giving up the need for anyone else's approval. 

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