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Do you long to be seen but are scared to be visible?

"Yes, it’s so scary to show up and so dangerous to be seen, it’s terrifying, but it is not as scary, dangerous, or terrifying as getting to the end of our lives and thinking 'what if I would have shown up? What would have been different?'" – Brene Brown

As women leaders, we often find ourselves navigating the delicate balance between our longing to be seen and the fear of being visible. This journey can be challenging, but remember, you are not alone in this pursuit. In this issue, we delve into strategies to embrace visibility while staying true to ourselves and our goals.

Feature Article: Embracing Visibility – The Courage to Be Seen

In her timeless words, Brene Brown captures the essence of our struggle beautifully. The fear of showing up and the vulnerability of being seen can indeed be paralysing, but the cost of not showing up can be even greater. Our feature article this month discusses how to summon the courage to step into the spotlight and claim our rightful place as women leaders. From authentic self-expression to overcoming imposter syndrome, we explore practical steps to amplify your impact and leave a lasting legacy.

Brene Brown's words serve as a powerful reminder that the fear of being seen pales in comparison to the regret of not embracing our full potential. This sentiment captures the essence of our theme this month: stepping into the spotlight, overcoming self-doubt, and seizing the opportunities that come with being visible.

🔍 Navigating the Visibility Struggle

For many women leaders, finding their place in the spotlight can be daunting. Balancing self-promotion with humility and battling the imposter syndrome that often lurks in the shadows, can make visibility feel like a tightrope walk. However, remember that your unique perspective and skills deserve recognition. Embrace authenticity and let your voice resonate!

🌐 Harnessing the Power of Networks

Networking isn't just about exchanging business cards – it's about building meaningful connections that amplify your presence. Cultivate relationships within and beyond your industry. Attend conferences, engage in online communities, and seek mentorship. Your network can be a powerful catalyst for your visibility journey.

💪 Bold Steps Forward

Are you ready to take the leap? Here are a few actionable steps to enhance your visibility:

  • Tell Your Story: Share your journey, including both successes and challenges. Vulnerability connects people and builds trust.

  • Leverage social media: Platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram can be your megaphone. Share your insights, engage in discussions, and showcase your expertise.

  • Public Speaking: Conquer the fear of the stage by speaking at events or webinars. Your voice matters, and the spotlight is your canvas.

  • Collaborate and Contribute: Partner with others on projects or initiatives. Collaboration not only enriches your ideas but also extends your reach.

  • Celebrate Wins: Don't shy away from celebrating your achievements. Your wins inspire others and solidify your presence.

The Self-Worth Challenge: Elevate Your Visibility

As we wrap up this edition, we invite you to take on the Elevate Your Visibility Challenge. This month, we challenge you to step out of your comfort zone and take a tangible step towards greater visibility. Whether it's speaking up in a meeting, volunteering for a high-profile project, or sharing your expertise on a public platform, we encourage you to make your mark.

Remember, you are worthy of being seen, heard, and celebrated. Let Brene Brown's words echo in your heart as you embark on this journey: "What if I would have shown up? What would have been different?"

Stay true to yourself,


Lis Cashin (She/Her)

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Disclaimer: This newsletter is a work of original content inspired by the quote from Brene Brown. While the quote is featured at the beginning, the content and ideas presented in this newsletter are unique to Self-Worth for Women Leaders.

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