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The story of the Golden Buddha

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

Embracing Your Worth: Unleashing the Leader Within

Many, many centuries ago in Thailand, there was a Temple known as the Temple of the Golden Buddha where there stood an incredible statue of the Buddha made entirely from solid gold.

During the 1700’s, the temple monks received word that an invasion by the Burmese army was imminent and so to protect the statue from theft, they covered it from head to foot in mud and clay in the hope of disguising its value and make it undesirable to the Burmese invaders.

Sadly, when the army attacked, the monks couldn't defend themselves, and many lost their lives. It was a devastating tragedy. However, amidst the chaos, the golden Buddha statue remained untouched. Its real beauty was hidden, but its essence endured. After the attack, the village endured the presence of the army for a long time, and the memory of the golden statue faded away. People went about their lives, forgetting its hidden beauty.

Many years later, a young monk meditated near the statue. A small piece of mud fell off, revealing a shimmering light. The monk called others, and together they removed the mud, slowly uncovering the golden statue's true beauty.

This story reminds us that sometimes our true worth may be hidden beneath the surface, just like the statue. And that even during challenging times, our worth remains intact. In our own lives, we can forget the amazing qualities within us when we focus too much on others' expectations or doubt ourselves. We forget the treasures we possess inside of ourselves.

Remember the tale of the Temple of the Golden Buddha and the treasures that lie within you. Take time to reflect on who you are and the value you bring. Embrace your worth and let your inner light shine. The journey of self-discovery is yours to embrace, and as you let your light shine, you will inspire others and lead with confidence too.

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Lis Cashin

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