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Calling All Women Leaders: Discover Your Inner Worth and Unlock Your Full Potential!


Are you a woman in a leadership position - in an organisation or in your own business? Are you ready to take charge of your life and career with unshakable self-worth? It's time to recognise your true worth and embark on a transformative journey that will empower you to break through self-doubt, embrace your unique strengths, and cultivate a deep sense of self-worth.


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The art of saying NO

 Are you a dynamic woman leader who wants to take control of your career, time, and life? Do you find it challenging to set boundaries and say "no" without feeling frustrated, guilty or overwhelmed? It's time to empower yourself with the essential skills you need to thrive professionally and personally. 


Who Should Attend? Women who would like to

  •  Have more energy

  •  Increase their focus and gain greater clarity

  •  Feel more empowered and in control

  •  Increase wellbeing and self-care

  •  Be more productive and effective

  •  Become more resilient

  •  Have improved and more connected relationships


 What You'll Gain: 

  •  Learn the art of assertive communication to set boundaries effectively. 

  •  Gain confidence in saying "no" without feeling guilty or anxious. 

  •  Cultivate a healthy work-life balance that energises you. 

  •  Stronger & more empowering relationships.

  •  Increased energy and focus.


 Date:  TBC

 Time: TBC -  BST

 Location: Virtual on zoom - Join from Anywhere! 
Investment: TBC

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