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I help women to elevate their self-worth and unlock their leadership potential

Lis Cashin

Certified Transformation specialist

Hi, I'm Lis

I'm a female leader with purpose - just like you. My mission is to lead a self-worth revolution for women leaders.

As women leaders, we often find ourselves battling the negative voices in our heads, questioning our worth, and doubting our abilities. But I'm here to tell you that it's time for a change. It's time to join the self-worth revolution and start leading from a place of authenticity, empowerment, and knowing the value that you bring.​

I work with organisations and individuals to enable transformation. Currently studying for an MSC in Applied Positive Psychology, Organisations and Leadership, I am a qualified and experienced Business & Leadership coach, Master NLP and Mindfulness practitioner. I'm also a multi-award-winning speaker trainer and best-selling author.  My 121 sessions, training programmes & retreats bring the best of what I have learned in over 20 years researching personal development that I develop into tailored programmes. No more holding yourself back. No more hiding. It's time to shine your light so brightly - they're going to need shades!

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I specialise in helping you to...

Develop strong self-worth

Lead with authenticity & integrity

Break free from your personal limitations

Unlock your leadership potential

Prioritise YOU and your self-care

Our Clients Say

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"Lis delivered an amazing session for the group I run - Women in Health and Safety.  We were running a three part series for women
on career development and Lis looked at the subject of how to transform self-doubt into self-worth.  

Lis creates such a safe space.  She is a calm presence who ensures everyone feels included. She has a fantastic personal story
- of overcoming the most awful difficulties - but she does not rely solely on that to make her point.  
The events in her past don't define her.  She focuses instead on all the work she has done on herself to overcome these difficulties - and the fact that, through personal development and inner growth, we all have the power to thrive without being hindered by self-critical thoughts."

- Heather Beach, Founder and CEO The Healthy Work Co

Getting to know me - FREE initial chat

30 min
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The Journey Towards Self-Worth Begins on the Path of Self-awareness. Begin Your Journey Today.

A quick peek at what I've been up to lately...

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