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I help women 
overcome self-doubt & lead with authenticity & unshakable self-worth

Lis Cashin

Certified Transformation specialist

Hi, I'm Lis

I'm a female leader with purpose - just like you. My mission is to lead a self-worth revolution for women leaders and entrepreneurs.

As women leaders, we often find ourselves battling the negative voices in our heads, questioning our worth, and doubting our abilities. But I'm here to tell you that it's time for a change. It's time to join the self-worth revolution and start leading from a place of confidence, empowerment, and knowing your worth.​

My 121 sessions, programmes & retreats bring the best of what I have learned in over 20 years travelling the world and researching personal transformation to help you become the confident, authentic, compassionate and purpose-driven leader you long to be. No more holding yourself back. No more hiding. It's time to shine your light so brightly - they're going to need shades!

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I specialise in helping you to...

Know your worth

Become a confident and



Break free from your personal limitations

Speak & Lead from your Truth

Prioritise YOU and your self-care

About Lis

Lis Cashin helps women leaders to to truly be their authentic selves, whilst making a massive positive difference in the world through their work.

She is an award-winning speaker and a best-selling author of 'This is ME: my journey to mental wellbeing' which she wrote to give a roadmap for those struggling to move out of mental suffering and into happiness, following her own journey from living with undiagnosed complex PTSD for over 30 years.

She has run transformational programmes, 121 sessions and retreats for thousands of people over the past 20 years and her passion is to see other women become the confident, vibrant and energised leaders they were meant to be.

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The Journey Towards Self-Worth Begins on the Path of Self-care. Begin Your Journey Today.

Meeting Lis was a turning point in my life, in reconnecting with my inner self. Lis is a great teacher that has helped me to recognise my self-worth. I feel supported, accepted and not alone. I am grateful to be a part of her women’s network of bright, successful, beautiful souls who have had a great impact on my healing. Thank you Lis with all my heart.

Marta Siwakowska - Deputy Manager

A big big thank you for everything! I have found the sessions extremely valuable and, as a result, I now have increased confidence and awareness, am more decisive and do a much better job of noticing when something doesn’t feel right. I also take more time for myself. Thank you again, you’re amazing!

Kat Fletcher - Community & Project lead

Lis is a rare breed of a coach, she has the most amazing ability to really tune into the needs of the individual and the team, and ask exactly the right question at exactly the right time. She brings a great blend of openness, compassion and emotional intelligence mixed in with clarity, integrity and the ability to support and challenge those she coaches.

Mary Daniels - Chief Visionary Officer

A quick peek at what I've been up to lately...

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